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So you want to find out more about cycling (holidays) in the Netherlands? Great! Because there is a real cycling culture in the Netherlands. People don’t just cycle for leisure here, but also to get about and commute to work. You will see all kinds of cyclists on the road: office workers with briefcases slung over their shoulders, students with their school bags secured on the back of their bikes, mothers on carrier bikes with their children, dog owners with their pooches in dog trailers. And let’s not forget the many recreational cyclists.

The Netherlands is the perfect place to explore by bike. The country has many cycle paths and signposted cycle routes, the landscape is flat, distances are short and there is lots to see and do along the way. So come visit the Netherlands and get on a bike!

Cycling in the Netherlands

cycling in the NetherlandsEverything you need to know about Dutch cycling culture. Did you know that every Dutch person owns at least two bikes? That cycle helmets are not compulsory? And that there are 32,000 km of cycle paths?
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Online cycle route planner

online plannerThe online cycle route planner allows you to plan your cycle trip through the whole of the Netherlands. Whether you are planning a short trip or a multi-day cycle tour. You will also find points of interest and a list of cycle-friendly places to eat, drink and stay.
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Cycling daytrips

logo knooppuntbordjeEver cycled from junction to junction? Cycle junctions are a well-known concept in the Netherlands because virtually the whole country is covered in them. Junctions form the basis for short cycle routes. Map out your own route or choose an existing one.
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Long-distance routes

logo LF routesThe Netherlands is a great destination for cycling holidays. But what long-distance routes are there and how do you go about finding them? Will you be cycling from a to b, or would you rather cycle a circular route? We are happy to put you on your way.
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Accommodation / packages / hire

cycle hireSo you have decided to visit the Netherlands for a cycling holiday? Armed with the following practical information about cycle-friendly places to eat, drink and stay; cycle hire and parking; and cycle transport, you are in for a smooth cycling experience!
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Cycle maps and guides

maps and guidesMaps and guides form the basis of your cycle trip, both for a short trip or a multi-day cycling holiday. What cycle guides and maps are available for the English cycle tourist?
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