Zuiderzeeroute | Zuider Zee Route

Amsterdam - Amsterdam (400 km)

One particularly popular long-distance route is the Zuiderzeeroute (Zuider Zee Route). As you cycle this route around IJsselmeer, previously known as the Zuiderzee (Zuider Zee), you get to experience the rich history of what is sometimes referred to as the ‘Gouden Cirkel’ (The Golden Circle). You will discover fishing villages bustling with activity, the tranquillity and wide open spaces of the Wieden-Weerribben National Park, the vast woodlands of the Veluwe region, as well as the wide panoramic views of the polder landscape of Flevoland.

sign LF23sign LF22sign LF21The Zuiderzeeroute consists of three LF routes: LF21 (Amsterdam-Afsluitdijk), LF22 (Afsluitdijk-Kampen) and LF23 (Kampen-Amsterdam). Simply follow the relevant rectangular signs with green lettering, signposted in two directions. The route is approximately 400 kilometres long in total. However, there are different ways to shorten the route, for instance, by choosing an alternative route through Flevopolder or by taking the ferry between Enkhuizen and Stavoren or Urk.

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